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30 Hour Post License Class

This is a ONE WEEK 30 Hour class.  Times are Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.  Yes – we take a 10 minute break every hour and a whole hour break for lunch.

Location of class:  Trussville Civic Center

(link to location on website)

Date:  Monday, January 22nd, 2018 through Friday January 26th

20 Spots for the class and 2 are gone.  Don’t miss it!


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See you in class!



a real FiResAlE

not one of them deals where its just a “sorta” firesale

but a REAL Firesale

Check this out

I’ve seen big ones and little ones – but this one?

It’s bigger than big and with the license they are giving

with it?

It’s a no lose deal.





better than Video?

Hey, Cinemagraphs are living photos that look like a still photographs but have a moving part, which loops forever. Because the motion part contrasts with the stillness of the rest of the image, they instantly catch attention. Cinemagraphs are news feed scroll-stopping content, almost impossible to ignore, easy to digest, fun to share, and they […]

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stuck? this’ll get you going

Are your internet marketing profits totally flat-lined? Tired of not earning as much as you need? The doors just opened on this and you need to get in ASAP: Visit The IM Clinic! The Internet Marketing Clinic is exactly what you need, full of hot new never seen before training specifically designed to get […]

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you only need one

for Russell Brunson?  just One for Trey Lewellen – also just One Tony Robbins?  yep – One So whats the “One” thing? One great sales funnel made all the difference for them whether you want to get new prospects or sell more software, all you need is one great sales funnel. Funnel Hacking Live […]

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your own virtual sales assistant

you’ve seen them on some big name websites little people down in the corner that talk to you conversions jump as much as 31% virtually no setup and super easy to use.  Have your first small helper up within a minute! Uses the latest in artificial intelligence and speech recognition to give an almost […]

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Un bE Lie vab lE!

this will blow your mind – and it is 100% GUARANTEED to work! Look – as much traffic as you can imagine… I knoow – I KNOW!  This email sounds SO hyped up.  Sorry but thats how excited I am! any niche, any market – you will not believe this.  I can’t believe it. This […]

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the newsletter I would write

They’re everywhere!  They’re everywhere! Look out for the guru letters – they are stalking you even now… I’ve read a few of them – even subscribed to a few and read several of them. ain’t NONE of them like this one:  give this some luvin There’s a few peeps out there that lay it […]

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your Video – page 1 in seconds… WaTcH!

Rarely do I see something which can so easily change our online marketing life and… it’s this easy, and this affordable… Most IM software looks great, but is complicated as hell and costs tons of effort to even set up. If you have ANY interest in sharpening up your YouTube Skills please listen carefully! Today’s […]

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why some peeps make it and some dont

there’s an insider secret… right? no there’s some hidden members only software – right? no it’s a trick, or a gimmick, or some other BSO (bright shiny object)? no OK THEN!  WTF is it?  What makes a few people super successful but for others they just get a few sales and do so so. Whats […]

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