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I’m so luvin on this

wouldn’t it be cool to have a robot to do just about everything? especially online – right? OK – imagine this… you put up an ad on Facebook – and any time someone clicks on the ad, they also get an instant message from you through Facebook messenger. How sweet could that be? Look […]

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your Youtube video on page 1

you ever thought about skydiving? Sounds hard doesn’t it?  Lots to remember and do right? Wrong-o. Put on a chute and jump.  Pretty simple. Just like getting a video on page 1… this is simple and step by step Don’t try and make this hard cause its not Mike  

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more clicks for this pic

Cinemagraphs – a newfangled word for mashing up 2 things Movies and photographs And some of them, like the one below, look pretty cool… So – how do you make them? Here’s some kewl stuff for you… you can make them for! sort of… as long as you have a complete copy of Photoshop […]

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best 2 minutes this year

this is the very best 2 minutes you will spend this year. and it is 100% real Ten Gs is the real value of this kit – but its yours for pennies on the doller Take 2 minutes and read the sales page. Just do it. Slide on over less than 12 hours and it […]

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eXacTly what you need

wacky days are here again – and this election thing has got some folks down right nutso But never fear, I am still sane and can help in the REAL world, where the coins are, you just need a few things traffic, list building, and conversions if you just have those three?  You will be […]

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Santa’s cRaZy 2017 plan

Heya! I know it’s Christmas day and you probably want to go goof off (I do too!) but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door today. He was short, about 4 feet tall. He also had weird shoes that curled at the toe. And even more […]

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easiest biz ever

all contained in a nice complete package You really don’t see many deals like this one.  After going through everything, I can say that this has about everything you will need. Want to be a “web wizard”? Get this NOW and don’t forget to get the Twenty Dollar discount. Mike        

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auto-web closes tonight

remember Mario Brown?   This is just a nice little heads up that his Automatic Webinars is closing tonight:   this is his newest thing:   It’s a step by step case study where he shows you EVERYTHING.  He sets it up and then lets it run and you WATCH as it rakes in […]

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