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what happens when the secret gets out

at first – nothing happens… no noise, no uh oh, no wow.

its the quiet before the storm

Does it matter what the secret is?


It could be that you started smoking again or that you got toasted at the local restaurant – and whatever it is – you want to hide it or cover it up.

But eventually – the secret gets out.

the noise thats coming starts out as a low rumble.  After that – it just gets louder until you fess up.

Even I, oh noble one, have had to go through this ordeal a couple of times.

So what does this have to do with bidnezzz?


If you want the low rumble to disappear before it really starts, all you have to do is disclose early and fast.

If something is messed up – tell everyone as soon as you know about it.  Then, either fix it or offer something to make up for it.

But do nothing and the rumble just gets louder and louder.

Problems go away quicker and easier if you confront them as soon as they appear.

and as a bonus…

Ever found you needed a graphic or two?  Everyone wants money – yeah – I know.

Here’s the newest and best graphic and video pack I have ever seen.

Enjoy it and profit from it.


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my problems are bigger

for some reason, I seem to fall into this trap mostly with my wife – I have no idea why

it really doesn’t matter what we are discussing or how we get around to it but somehow – when I want the conversation to stop – I just immediately assume my problems are bigger and obviously much more important…

the atmosphere makes a shift – the air changes – -

and poof

The convo stops – just like that

Powerful, huh?

and as powerful as it may seem, it also makes me look like a dipsh!t.  So if you know anyone that uses this “tactic” (even you), warn them away from it before thier friends stay away.

it doesn’t help that “happy wife, happy life” thing either

What do I do now?

I exaggerate her problems and issues and make them seem bigger.  She likes that.

at least it seems that way to me

this works in business too

Enjoy it and profit from it.


p.s.  having fun yet? buy Mike a beer

lines like this kill me

you have got to know the lines I’m talking about – most of them you see on flakebook “If you don’t reply, I’m unfriending you” “All Republicans kill people” “All Democrats kill people” Really? Every day, day after day it’s the same thing over and over.  Seems like most would tire of it quickly… but […]

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live or memorex?

I don’t know if you paid attention or not about a week ago when I started talking about live video on Flushbook. Remember? There’s now 2 or 4 products on how to do it and how to set it up. But here’s the deal:  you never know if it’s actually “live” or recorded and then […]

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I made it!

I know… I know… I said I was gonna do the “email every day” thing – right? Well – I made it.  Where I am – it is STILL today Which reminds me of how many times I have come close to losing my a$$. drum roll… 6.  Yep.  6 times. But guess what?  I’m […]

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why I Never do this

what?  Mike’s gonna do something different? So – here’s the scoop… I’ve been reading a lot of stuff from Ben Settle.  Ever hear of him? Well, he PREACHES that the best thing to do to really stay in touch with your readers is to mail them every day. Yes. Every Day. What do you think? […]

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