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I made it!

I know… I know…

I said I was gonna do the “email every day” thing – right?

Well – I made it.  Where I am – it is STILL today 🙂

Which reminds me of how many times I have come close to losing my a$$.

drum roll…

6.  Yep.  6 times.

But guess what?  I’m still here.

If you already read the whole “How I saved the beach from the Oil” story – then you may be interested to see what happened just 24 months later.

In the British Virgin Islands.

It’s all detailed here.  Be sure and hop over and give it a read.

(and if you missed the whole beach/oil thing, you might want to read my story – it is INCLUDED with this one)

and – it’s all true.


why I Never do this

what?  Mike’s gonna do something different?

So – here’s the scoop…

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff from Ben Settle.  Ever hear of him?
Well, he PREACHES that the best thing to do to really stay in touch with your readers is to mail them every day.


Every Day.

What do you think?

I might give it a shot and see how it turns out.

In the mean time, you might want to read my story here.  It’s a good one.

and – it’s all true.


Gold is NOT an “Investment”

This article is WAY off topic from what I normally write about.  However, there are forces at work and recent events that require me to post this.

There’s been a lot of talk and media attention about gold, the stock market, and the stability of the US Dollar.  The Fed has been printing over $1 Trillion a year for the last 5 years and no one seems to think that will have any implications.


Bwhaaa haaaa haaaahaaaa!

Are you kidding me?

Gold jumped to $1900 an ounce late in 2012 and people said “it’s a bull market!  buy gold!”

This article will explain why gold is not and has never been an investment and why the US Dollar is losing value even as you are reading this article  (what that means is tomorrow, you will not be able to buy as much as you were able to buy today).

If someone tells you, “I am going to invest in gold”, what are they saying?  If you strip away all of the emotion and the words and their meanings, what does it really mean?

First – it means that you are going to trade a certain numbers of dollars, which have zero intrinsic value, for a certain amount of gold, which has been a store of value since the beginning of time.  Well, since around 8,000 years ago anyway.  Go back and re-read that sentence again.  You are trading items that are worthless for items that have real value.  Is that what an investment is?

Most people think that an investment is something you “buy”.  For example, if you buy a rental home, you consider it an investment.  If you buy stocks or bonds, you consider them investments.  Investments are not dollars or precious metals.  They are really paper that are tied to either debt or equity in a company.  Real estate is the exception – it is a “hard asset”.  Unless you are buying real estate, you are buying paper.

Sure, the paper you buy says it is worth so many dollars that a company owes you, or it is worth a certain percentage ownership of a company.  But at the end of the day – you are trading (listen close here) – worthless paper for other paper.  In your mind, you may be imagining that company and how a part of it is yours.  I really hope that gives you a warm fuzzy when you think that.  Really – I do.

Because the rest of this article is just gonna piss you off.

Consider this statement:  “All of the debt owed by everyone in this country, and in the rest of the world, was printed on a printer.”  We’ll come back to this.

usdollarsYou read above, in this article, that the FED was printing over 1 trillion dollars a year and putting it into the world economy.  The current amount of goods or services available in the world is pretty much fixed at any point in time.  Sure it goes up and down with time but if we looked at say, a year, then the amount of goods and services produced in the world would look pretty much as a constant.

We have to buy those goods and services with dollars.  With US Dollars to be more precise – it is the “world currency”.  If the number of dollars stay constant while the amount of goods and services stay constant, then the “prices” of everything stay stable.

BUT… if we just print up a bunch more dollars, like a few TRILLION of them and pass them out to our friends, what happens then?  Notice I said, “pass them out to your friends”?  The reason is because that is what is happening.  When the dollars get printed or created, they are always loaned to the member banks – the member banks of the Federal Reserve (which is a private bank not a government owned bank).  Can you say “huge bonuses to bankers”?

So the dollars are LOANED to the member banks and in turn they loan those same dollars out to us.  Or at least that was the original idea.  It was a crappy idea as far as we are concerned.  The Constitution of the United States says that ONLY the US Government has the power to coin money.  But somehow, even after 2 central banks were shut down by former presidents, somehow the bankers got it done  in 1913.  Now we have the “Federal Reserve Bank” which is a private bank and privately owned.  But I digress…

Today, the Federal Reserve is buying the debt or bonds issued by the US Government DIRECTLY FROM the US government.  The US needs money to operate so they go the the Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank, and ask for a loan.  They give the FED a few bonds and the FED turns on the printing press and prints a few more trillion dollars to loan to the USA.

Remember – what they are printing has no REAL WORLD value other than faith.  It’s just paper that has pretty colors and pictures.

Side note:  In a normal monetary environment, if the USA needs investors to buy their bonds, or people to borrow money from, they have to agree to pay a higher interest rate – especially if they NEED money.  Investors will buy things that offer them a higher yield or a higher return.  So anyone that needs to borrow has to offer a higher rate.

Higher interest rates slow economies and slow growth, right?  That’s why the FED is now printing money and “buying” the USA government bonds.  Get it?  If the FED loans all the money the USA needs to borrow, then interest rates stay very low because the USA doesn’t “need” money!  They no longer have to rely upon individual and corporate investors to buy the bonds or loan money to them.  Now the US has the FED, which is a private bank and will do anything to book another loan.  There’s more to it – but if you “get” that part, you are starting to understand.  The FED is just printing whatever the US Government needs.federal-reserve

So let’s go back to that price thing.  Earlier in this article, I made a point that as long as the supply of goods and services was relatively constant, and the number of dollars floating around in the world was relatively constant, then the number of dollars we have to exchange for an item stay constant.  That’s the “price” of the item – how many dollars it takes to get it.

But wait… The FED has printed probably somewhere around 7 trillion dollars in the last 4 years.  Those dollars are circulating in the system now.  But prices have only edged up a little bit.  What gives?  You would think that if the numbers of dollars jumped up, then the numbers of dollars it takes to buy something would go up – right?  I mean, if I have a printing machine and I just print as many dollars as I can, then you – the seller of something – will want more and more of those dollars in exchange for whatever it is you are selling.  We call this price increase “inflation”.  That is a word invented by economists and the government.  They try to make you think that prices “inflate” and go up over time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The correct word is devaluation.  And it only applies to the US Dollar.  When there are very few of a certain something, that certain something is worth a lot.  But if you pass that something out to everyone in the world in large numbers, then that something becomes worth less and will eventually be worthless.  And isn’t that exactly what has been happening?  The FED has been printing money so fast it burns up printing presses.  It is unprecedented in this country’s history (that means it has never happened before – ever).

But “prices”, the number of dollars it takes to get something, have not been spiraling upward out of control.  Economist idiots would call spiraling prices hyper-inflation.  You and I now know it is, in reality, rapid dollar devaluation.  So why isn’t the price of everything going through the roof?  That’s what should be happening after all these dollars have been printed.  So why isn’t it?

There are several factors.

The first one is that interest rates are almost zero.  And now we know why!  The FED has been buying all the bonds that the US Goverment can print.  Since there is no problem with demand for the bonds, the rates stay super low.  People don’t like those low rates so they seek other places to put their money.  Like, uhhhh – the stock market! (notice it’s been on a run lately?)

The second is the “price” of gold.  Even though the US Dollar hasn’t been related to gold since 1971, the markets still tie them together.  While it’s just a mental faith type thing, it exists.  So – if the number of dollars it takes to buy a certain amount of gold stays about the same, then the markets think there is no dollar devaluation.  This happens because the “price” of gold, the number of dollars it takes to acquire it, remains relatively the same over time.

If an ounce of gold is worth so many dollars – and it stays consistent – then the dollar itself is not changing in value.  Or at least that’s the idea.


Recently, it has come to light that the FED, the private bank, is manipulating the gold market.  The way they do this is to sell gold “short” which pushes the price down.  Even better?  If they have need to to control the price, the FED has sold “naked short” gold.  That means that they don’t have the gold that they are selling.  And when they do it, they do it in huge numbers to keep the price down.  In the past, this would have been highly illegal.  Once they get the price down, they quietly buy gold from ETF’s to cover their short positions and they do the buy backs over a longer period of time so that the price doesn’t jump up.  So the FED is selling fast but buying slow to manipulate the gold market price.  For now – it is working.  For now.

So – is gold an investment?

No.  Gold is something that you can trade dollars for that has real value and has had real value for the last 8,000 years.  Electricity and computer chips do not change its intrinsic value.  Currencies, like the US Dollar or the Chinese Yuan, are not real money.  They represent money, but they are not real money – they are currencies.

Gold is insurance.  It is not an investment.  If you own physical gold, in your home, you are protected against the hyper devaluation of the currency – the US Dollar.  Investments are things you buy low and sell high – right?  From that point of view, you might buy gold at $1500 an ounce and then the price goes to $10,000 an ounce.  Would you sell?  Would you want to sell?

gas-priceIf this happens, it means that the dollar has been devalued by a factor of about 600%.  Which means the “price” of a gallon of gas would have jumped to $24/gallon.

Would you want to sell your REAL MONEY(gold) into that kind of US Dollar rapid value change?  You might sell your gold and within 24 hours your dollars would only buy half of what they could the day before – think $48/gallon gas.  Why would any sane person sell if this was going on?

Sure, there will be dumb people looking at the “price” of gold and thinking they are rich because now they have $10 million in gold.  They want to sell and be rich for – like a day.   I can’t help those people.  I can only try to help you.

Gold is insurance for if…. no – when this happens.

It is a store of value, has been for over 8,000 years, and will be after the value of the dollar goes to zero or is artificially reset by some government to $50,000 an ounce.  Get some.  Hold it.

My people have approximately 10% of our assets in physical gold.


Mike Carraway is a REALTOR, instructor, speaker and author of 2 best selling books.

Quick Traffic to your Website – Here’s How!

Do you know how to generate quick traffic to your website, while solidifying your place in the major search engines?

Feeder websites.

We call them ‘feeder sites” because they feed traffic to your website from engines like Google.com and Yahoo.com.

Since feeder sites carry such massive weight and authority with the major search engines, it doesn’t take long before your website is indexed, and you are able to acquire valuable backlinks from these established community portals.

There are literally hundreds of feeder resource sites online, with the most popular ones being:


http://www.HubPages.com and blog based feeder sites like

http://www.Blogger.com and http://www.Wordpress.org

When feeder sites are networked and linked together, they are often referred to as “link wheels”, because the traffic is filtered through the wheel, feeding off one of another.

Linkwheels are one of the easiest methods used in order to create massive amounts of backlinks, as well as solidify a higher ranking based on your keywords in the search engine rankings.

Here is an example of a common link wheel structure:

Linkwheels can be extremely complex but in truth, you only need a few feeder sites set up and optimized in order to begin generated targeted free traffic through your affiliate links.

The most popular (and easiest) linkwheel strategy is to create a page that includes your article content and your affiliate link on each of the following sites:








There are two types of linkwheels, in general – open linkwheels and closed linkwheels. While this may seem complicated all it really means is that with open linkwheels you create sites that all link to each other.

For example (closed linkwheel)
Site A links to Site B | Site B links to Site C | Site C links back to Site A

With open link wheels there is no closing, so your wheel might go something like this:

Site A links to Site B | Site B links to Site C | Site C links nowhere

With each feeder site, your objective is to create simple webpages that incorporate your primary keywords into both the page titles and the content itself. This will help you rank within the search engines, attracting organic traffic.

Marketer’s Mansion – got left behind by the bus!

There’s a few surprises in today’s update from MArketer’s Mansion in Las Vegas:

Marketer’s Mansion – Dec 10, 2013 – Day 1

Here’s a quick video on the first day…

Marketer’s Mansion 2013 – my take on it

Here’s a quick video to kick off the Marketer’s Mansion in Las Vegas…

My new Opinion of WordPress, Themes, and Plugins

Today I am gonna do the “big reveal” and let you in on a couple of things that I’ve been working on.  Since I have returned from the JVZoo event in Orlando, my mind has been spinning with all of the ideas I heard.

More on that in a sec…

At the JVZoo event in Orlando, a lot of freaky stuff happened!  Besides getting to meet a lot of my readers in person, I also got to rub shoulders with Mike Filsaime, Jeremy Shoemaker, and Coolio!
The programmers and coders and marketers were simply killer to talk with, bounce ideas off of, and explore areas of crossover where new ideas would work.  It was exciting stuff with ideas flowing like crazy.

Side Note:  Here’s the big reason you go to Live Events:  The Connections you make.  I am now working on deals with 3 different people I met at the event.  Every one of these projects have potential in the $10,000+ range and possibly a LOT more.  Imagine that – spend a few hundred bucks going to an event, and when you leave you are potentially $30,000 or more richer.

Okay – so on to the “big reveal”.

Two things I’ve become newly interested in:  both are WordPress related:  Themes and Plugins.  

I’ve always been a big fan of HTML – but – Here’s my new take on WordPress and WordPress plugins:  put these together and you can do things that would cost a fortune or take a genius to do in HMTL.

WordPress and the thousands of themes and plugins make it possible for YOU to do amazing things all by yourself – and super cheap.

I just invested in 3 different plugins… WP Member Champ, WP Ultimate Page Maker, and WP Magic Countdown Timer.  Sure they cost me over $200 – but – I will make thousands of times that – so to me, under $300 is cheap.  I’m looking at getting the Wishlist plugin, too ($97).

So here’s one of the people I met at the JVZoo event – and a brand new sneaky WP Theme they just released.  Her name is Cindy, she has the most amazing accent, and she has a killer team of programmers.

Here’s me congratulating her on winning an award at the JVZoo event:
This sneaky new theme has some pretty amazing properties.  At first it just looks like a Tumblr copycat site.  But as you go deeper, you see that it is much more. 

It’s called Covert Viral Wizard theme and at first it looks just plain strange – it kind of caught me off guard – but then I started investigating. The way it’s set up makes it possible to begin making real money within minutes of setting the theme up.  The reason it’s possible to get going so fast is because it has a great traffic generation system.  

If you combine this free traffic with the easy monitization, you’ll make money.  Pretty simple.  

Check out the Video  –   Read all about the Covert Viral Wizard theme  – it’s something that could create a nice income stream for you.

NOTICE:  I just noticed that the price on this plugin is set to JUMP in a few hours so go check it out NOW.

On to Plugins…  

I am having a WordPress plugin developed to solve a problem that one of my coaching students has. She has a website in a very small niche that has become an authority site.  I know, I know, “Wow Mike, where’s the problem?”  Well – she is getting over 4,000 unique visitors a month to her blog, but they are all landing on different pages.  

We want them to land on the optin or squeeze page so that she can capture the leads (she has a product that she sells). If she can convert just a small percentage of the total traffic, this site will earn over $1,000 per month – that’s kindof big.  Presently, she is converting about 10% of the people that sign up on her squeeze page so this has real potential.

So while I was at the JVZoo event, I met a WordPress plugin developer who was working on a what’s called a “slider”.  He told me how it worked and what you could do with it.  

While I was listening, I had an idea.  

When he was finished telling me about the slider thing, I asked him 2 questions.  The answer to both was YES.  Now the new plugin is almost ready to be tested!  

What does it do?  It allows you to capture ALL of the traffic to your site, no matter what page the visitor lands on.  As soon as it’s ready to go, we are going to install it on my student’s site and watch the optins and conversions.   I will keep you updated and we might even do something live.  That would be cool wouldn’t it?  Install the plugin and then start clicking refresh on the Clickbank?  

More Soon so stay tuned!


Creepy Facebook stuff

You decide – I am only going to tell you what happened to me.

I”m the reporter – remember that.

I set up 10 Facebook advertising ads/campaigns for the same product.  I segregated the ads by sex and age and ended up with about 25 or so ads/campaigns.

All of those ads were approved and they went live.

Next:  I started another campaign.  Then – another one.

The second set of ads all got disapproved.  They got disapproved for 3 different reasons after three submissions and 3 revisions.  I finally got it that this was not a product I could advertise.  Simple.  Why not just say it?

I am running 10 FB ad campaigns right now and want to let you know how its going.

So far – I spent $26 and have made zero dollars.

Wooo Hoooo!  Yeah – you dont have to tell me,  It sucks to lose.

But – I will let you know when I hit a lick – stay tuned.