Affiliate Sales from Videos?

Today – I am going to start a brand new project.

First of all – I can get a video to rank on page 1 of Google or of Youtube for just about any search term.  Sometimes, it may take a few days or a few weeks, but eventually, I can get it there.

How I do this is pretty easy and made even quicker with a neat-o piece of software I have had developed that makes creating videos super easy.  In fact, I can create and upload a video in about 45 seconds now.  Pretty cool huh?

But my “money video” has to be very good and very persuasive – good enough to get people to watch all the way through it and to click the link in the description.  That part takes a bit of work.  In fact, it’s the most difficult part of the affiliate commission game.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to show you how I create the money video, how I create what I call the “feeder” videos, how I get the videos ranked, and then show you the actual affiliate commissions I earn.

Stay tuned!  This is gonna be fun.

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 Review

Coming Friday August 2, 2013


Check out RVR 3.0 NOW – CLICK HERE

Coming Soon: Livin’ the Dream… AGAIN!

I have just returned from a 10 day beach/cruise vacation and then hopped on a plane and spent 2 weeks in the Virgin Islands.  Not too bad for a lowly beach bum marketer type is it?

Here’s the cat I lived on from June 22nd to June 29th sailing the British Virgin Islands (lots of video coming soon):

 What you are about to discover is how easy it is to do exactly what you really love doing, and how to either do it for free, or, even better, get paid for doing it.

Yes – you read that right.

For me, this all started back in the spring of 2010.  Just by making a few videos, I was able to stay on the beach in Florida almost all summer long – FREE.  I didn’t buy food, I got a few big checks, and I landed a 2 year $50k marketing contract.  How?  Just by doing what I loved doing which was hanging out on the beach!

Fast forward 3 years and I am making it happen again – except this time it’s a little different.  And you’ll soon see why.

Anyway – here’s a short video from the 2 week Virgin Islands tour from our own deserted private beach called Solomon Bay:

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Just imagine anything that you would LOVE to do – forget how much it might cost or what it is or how it might look to others.  Imagine doing something that you would absolutely LOVE and would love to do iit almost every day (and I’m not talking about sex – that has been monitized for centuries and it’s a no brainer).

I’m talking about an activity, something you DO.  Something you could do over and over and never get tired of it.

For me it’s easy:  I LOVE the beach, walking on the beach, paddleboarding, sailing, playing tunes on the beach, building sand castles on the beach, you name it – just about any beach activity is something I can do all day long (and have been doing all over the western hemisphere for the last several years)

Now imagine this…

You get paid for doing the thing that you LOVE to do.  Think about that.  Let it mingle and muddle a bit in your head… This activity that you could get up and do every day and LOVE doing – you get PAID to do it.

That’s what I do.

And I haven’t done it once…  I have actually done it several times in several diffferent markets.  My favorite, as I mentioned, is beach activities and water activities (I also love snorkeling and scuba diving).  Here’s a short video from a week ago in a small cove off of Norman Island, BVI.  I was snorkeling and had my GoPro on.

Keep your eyes on the top center of the screen:

Now – I have to be honest with you – I DID NOT get paid to go snorkeling and to video this sea turtle.  That’s the truth.  But, in a way, as you will soon see, I did.  But I’ll save the “how to” for a little later.

Want to get paid for what YOU love to do?  Just follow me here or on Facebook.  I am almost finished putting together the exact steps I took to spend 2 weeks in the Virgin Islands almost totally free – AND – how you can duplicate what I did while doing what YOU love to do.

If this excites you, please let me know by sharing it on Facebook or leaving a comment below – I love hearing from you.

Talk to you again soon,

Warrior Forum Event 2013

273 Reasons to Love Amazon’s Kindle


I know I promised to keep you updated as we went thru this week.  I know it has been about 24 hours since I reported in last.

Let me start like this…

We are OVER 1,300 Downloads.  We are ranked #2 in Nutriton.  We are #12 in Health, Fitness, and Diets.  We are #273 OVER ALL Kindle Free Books.

If we never get any closer, then this is 273 reasons I absolutely LOVE the Kindle platform, the idea,, the indie aspect – I love it all.  Congrats Amazon for “getting it”.  And without this Kindle thing?  Where would we be?  Hmmm?

But now?

We are SOOOO close.  Just gotta hop that other 173 – the toughest 173 EVER.  Let me show you what we are up against and how we can do it…

This is called an asymptotic graph.  It represents how hard the next step is.

The closer you get to the top, the more it takes to move a smaller step forward.  And all that means is – a MASSIVE effort.  Like I have been talking about from the beginning.

No one person can do this alone.  It takes a group.  A movement.  A massive effort of thousands and thousands.

But that all starts with the MASSIVE EFFORT of one person.  It only takes 1 person to share this on Facebook, Tweet it, post it on Google Plus, and a few others.

Just 7 clicks.  Not massive if  done by one, but how about if done by you and everyone YOU know?

Can I count on you?

I need your help and it would be HUGE to me if you could help!

Here is the screenshot from our latest ranking:

I count on you to tell everyone you know to grab a free copy.  Then, e-mail everyone in your email address book – just let them know you saw it, you got it, and its free now.

Let your friends, family, co-workers, everyone know.

Thanks for all your help and LETS DO THIS!!!



p.s. here is the VERY LATEST update:

p.p.s. and here’s another update from 4/24 at 4:30pm

p.p.p.s.  Latest update – I NEED YOUR HELP!  Ranking is slipping back a bit and downloads have slowed down as of 7:57am 4/26/2013

p.p.p.p.s.  LATEST UPDATE  8:45am 4/26/2013

12 Hour Results from Kindle Promotion

I promised updates so here’s the first…

It has been exactly 9 hours since my book, 27 Food Hacks became free on the KDP Kindle Select program.  During that 12 hour period, we have had approximately 251 downloads.

219 of the downloads came from  The rest were from other countries.

The book was assigned a ranking early this morning of #15 in nutrition.  At that time, it had less than 100 downloads in 5 hours.   Now it has 220 over the next 4 hours.  Interestingly enough – the rank hasn’t changed at all.  Seems a bit strange but I guess time will tell.

Stay tuned for updates.

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1:59pm CST – THIS JUST IN…

New ranking from Amazon:

getting there!

5:07pm CST – UPDATE #2:

Yep.  We’re getting there… still a ways to go.

My 5 Secret Steps to Crack Kindle’s Top 100

If you have been following along for the last month, you will have a pretty good idea of the steps I have taken trying to crack into Kindle’s Top 100 Best sellers.  Today, I am going to throw in a few new goodies.   If you haven’t been following, then this post will summarize these steps from beginning to end.  If you need more detail, you can just go back to earlier posts.

Step 1:  Test.  The first thing I did was test the promotional methods in smaller niches.  This gave me the “how to” experience as well as the what to do knowledge.  It also helped me discover the easier methods, the faster methods, and the effective methods.  My first test was just using a sampling of promo methods.  My second test was using many more of the methods.  My results increased dramatically from test 1 to test 2, from 95 downloads to 433 downloads.

Step 2:  Choose a Free Promotion date at least 4 weeks out.  This allows you time to take MASSIVE action.  You’ll have planning and implementation time.  You’ll be able to take advantage of more effective promotional methods that take longer to implement.  I read somewhere that you’ll need somewhere between 5,000 to 9,000 downloads during your Promo period (to have a chance to get into the Top 100).  That means you’ll need about 25,000 visitors within the 5 day period.  You have to use a lot of promotional methods to get that many eyes on your book.

Step 3:  Press Releases.  (this is new)  You’ll need to get 3 of these submitted to 3 different Press Release sites ASAP.  This will insure that your title will be on the first 10 pages of Google within 2 to 3 weeks.  You can get even more exposure by using one of the more expensive paid options that get real newswire syndication.

Step 4:  Register your free Promo date on every free Kindle book site you can find.  Most of these signups will be free.  There are a few paid ones – but they are are pretty inexpensive.  My total spend on the promotion for “27 Food Hacks” is under $150.  I also set up some Facebook ads which are already approved and ready to go (they are paused right now).

NOTE:  I covered a very cool targeting tool in an earlier post.  However, I have just learned of an even more lazer targeted tool.  In fact, the new targeting tool is so accurate that it can show your ads only to people that have posted in one of your target groups within the last 24 hours (just an example).  More on this soon – stay tuned!  If you are not a subscriber, it’s free – just CLICK HERE.

Step 5:  Tell Everyone.  Once your book is free on Amazon, tell everyone in every group you are in and ASK THEM to tell their friends.  Do this on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter AND in real life!  I made up business card sized ads with a picture of the cover and a QR code and the dates it was free.  I gave those out to everyone I ran into from 2 weeks out all the way until the last free day.  Facebook Groups are an easy way to share your free book and ask the others in the group to share.  Go to Facebook and SEARCH for groups that contain the words:  kindle, book, author, writer.  There are also a couple of announcement sites for book promos that require your book to be free NOW or they won’t take your submission.  Don’t forget to register on them, too.

My Free Promo starts tomorrow – Monday, April 22nd, 2013 (and tomorrow may already be TODAY for you)

Could I ask for your help?

Just one thing.  Go to this page:  Press Release 27 Food Hacks

There is a Facebook share button – just click it, and post it on your Facebook newsfeed (your home screen).  This just lets your friends know that for now, this book is free.

Then, hop over to the Amazon page and grab yourself a FREE copy.

I will update you on how the promo is going this week.  I share the download totals either by posting here or sending an email (by the way – if you are not on my reader list, CLICK HERE to get on it).

If you have your own list of subscribers, please include a link to my free book in one of your emails. This book helps just about ANYONE so it makes a terrific “good will” gift.

Thanks for your help and let’s DO THIS!



14 Places to Promote your Kindle Book (most are FREE!)

Free on Amazon from 4/22 until 4/26

My BIG ASS promotion and the third and final test of the Kindle Bestseller Secrets course begins on Monday, April 22nd.

In my last post, I shared with you that I went to a live event and passed out about 120 reminder cards to marketers.  The cards gave the details of the book and also explained that the book would be free from April 22 to April 26th.  I asked every person to include my book in an email to their readers sometime during that week.

In this post, I am going to give you a ton of resources that you can use to promote your Kindle book.  Most of these resources are for the promotion of your Kindle book while it is in it’s free promo period.  Most of them are also free – which I’m sure you will like.  Some of them are paid.

Before I begin listing these resources, let me say that I have spent the better part of 3 days adding my book to these and other sites.  I have spent about $150 on various extra promotions on some of these sites and others.  These are not all of the resources that are available – but they are some of the easiest to get listed in.

You will need to take the time to go to each and every site and enter your book details.  A friend asked if this could be outsourced.  My answer to him was, I guess it could, but it would require training the person.  The bigger question is:  how many books are you going to release in the next year?  If you plan on a lot of them, then yes, you would want to teach someone to do this part.  If you are only going to write and release a few, it might be a better use of your time to do it yourself.

9 FREE Book Promotion Sites










5 PAID Book Promotion Sites

Kindle Book Promos:

Bargain Bookshelf – 1 Month Promo:

Digital Book Today – many ad options:

Flurries of Words – several options:

Addicted to Ebooks:

As I mentioned before, these are just a few of the sites that I am using to promote my free Kindle book during it’s promotional week.  If you go to Google and just search on Free Kindle Book promotion, you will find plenty more places to promote your book.  If you really want a best seller, and you are willing to do the work, it’s within your reach.

These sites are examples of the sites I am using to promote my book during it’s free period.  Once I have about 100 of them set up, then I will hop over to Facebook and begin posting in Author and Kindle forums.  In my next post, I will give you some examples of how I am doing that and where.

If you want to follow along with me on this journey to the TOP 100 best sellers in the Kindle store, the best step is to get this course:  Kindle Best Seller Secrets.

Talk to you soon!


earn money while on vacation

Bestseller? Here’s what I did FIRST

We are now starting the big enchilada – the ultimate test – the supremo guantlet.  Getting my new book in the top 100 of Amazon’s Kindle best seller list.  (and YOU can help! see below)

Why would anyone want to be in the top 100 of the Kindle Bestsellers?  Besides the obvious fame, there is the money and exposure.  When people do searches in the Kindle store, they are always shown the best sellers first.  By some estimates – a listing in the top 100 could mean up to $22,100 in monthly royalties.

Maybe it’s more – maybe its less.  The fact remains:  this is a profitable business.

But the key to real income and earnings is cracking that top 100.

In our last test, we managed to get to #1 and #2 rankings in 2 of our catagories.  We gave away 433 books in 5 days.  During this promotion, the hardcopy version of the book had increased sales – almost double what it usually has.

Today, the 9th of the month, I usually have 8 or 9 sales of the hardcopy for the month – but today I have 21.  Yup.  Somethings up here.  Even though my promotion was for the free Kindle book, the sales of my hardcopy book jumped like crazy.  (note to self:  get your hardcopy version out asap and BEFORE your Kindle promotion)

The goal of this new “test” is to go for the home run.  Hit it out of the park as they say.  Get in the TOP 100 of the Kindle store.  There is something that I should tell you first…

I have no idea how many free downloads it will take to get ranked in the top 100.

That’s what I call “significant”.

And since I don’t know, I have to just do everything I know how to do and then just see where I end up.  (If I have another choice – please let me know in the comment section at the bottom)  I really don’t have another plan.  The best thing is:  at the end of this test, I will have a much better idea of what it takes to not only get into the top 100, but maybe how to get even higher – #1 perhaps?

The first thing I did was to set the Free promotion date April 22 to April 26.  That locks me down and sets everything in motion with a deadline.  Deadlines FREAK ME OUT.  Thats why I use them.  Everything now has a deadline or a “this must be done before or you cannot use it” date.

The next thing?  I created little promotional cards and went to the Warrior Live Networking Event.  I met a TON of new people.  I enjoyed myself terifically!  So many great and talented people all crammed into one building – it should probably be illegal.

I gave a business card and talked up my free book to at least 35 people that I figure have a list of readers or followers.  Some of these people are thought leaders and others are masterminds at software or systems.  But all of them have some kind of following.

I consider them centers of influence.  They are like very small “centers of gravity” and what they say is listened to and influences a lot of people.  Whether its on Twitter, Facebook, or email – it doesn’t matter. PEOPLE LISTEN to them and that is the only important thing.

If they have an audience… they can influence sales.  Either way.  Plant that in your mind and make it stick.

Question:  What do I expect to happen as far as participation of friends from this weekend?

The answer is:  I really don’t know.  There is no way to predict this.  However, what I CAN do is to remind each person that we talked about it, then remind them the day its time to mention my book.  I think if I do that, I MAY get 10 people to mention it in an email.

Who knows?

All we can do as marketers is DO ALL WE CAN DO for a promotion.  As we get more experienced, we can do more things effectively.  But if you never TRY, then you will never KNOW what is or is not possible.  So my thinking is:  fail fast, adjust fast, succeed faster.

That’s the first step I have taken (besides setting the date), and I think it’s a big one.  It will require some extra followup to remind a few people, but there will be some people that are just health concious and will mention it as a duty.

Wait a minute… I’m an “internet marketer” right?  I DO know the power of email marketing 🙂

AND – I had the chance to attend the Warrior Live Networking event in Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend.  I stole a color lazer printer from my real estate office.  I restocked the ink,  printed up business cards, then put the cover image, a QR code, and the dates it would be free on the back.

FREE DATES:  April 22 to April 26th

At the Warrior Event, I am pretty sure I passed out 112 cards and talked to that many people about it.  I asked SEVERAL people if they would MENTION the book in an email during that week.  I explained that it would be a great feebie (and off topic) for their list.

When I made that request, I could see the wheels turning in a lot of heads.  And I know that for many of them the question was “Whats in it for me?”.

And the answer was:  nothing except good will.  AND you can give a great book FREE to your readers.

After that, some people I could tell gave it some serious thought – but there’s no way to know.  We will have to wait and see what happens during the promotion.

This is the all out pedal to the metal test – right?  MASSIVE EFFORT!  Right?

That’s why I am going all out.

In my next post, I am gonna take you through exactly which resources (well some of them anyway) that I will be using to “announce” my free promo period for my book.  You can take notes, copy and paste it, or memorize it.  Whichever is best for you.

See you in a couple of days,


Mike Carraway

7 Ways to get your Kindle Book to #1

“You have a #1 Bestseller!”

Those are sweet words to an author who has poured hours, days, months and maybe even years into one book.  As amazing as it seems – there are ways that YOU, the author, can help make this happen.  In this post, I am going to share the 7 secret hacks I used to get to #1.

If you have been following this website for the last few weeks, you’ll know that I have been testing several different tools, websites, and tricks to “hack” Kindle and get a book into so-called “Bestseller” status.  My first attempt was sort of half assed because I didn’t want to put a lot of work in and not get any results (sound familiar?).   But I did get some results.

So that got me a little excited and I started thinking “if that happened with a half-assed effort, what will happen if I crank it up a bit?”

And this week – my second test has resulted in my book being a – now get this – “#1 Bestseller!”.  Check this out:


Pretty cool huh?  Well here’s the thing – it’s just #1 IN IT’S CATEGORY.  But – some people claim that still makes it a bestseller.  I’m a bit skeptical of this interpretation, but hey, I’ll use it!  WAIT! – there is another little important side note…

A Free Bestseller?

The book got to that ranking by being FREE.  Yeah, LOL.  How you can have a “bestseller” that is FREE is beyond me, but that’s what is going on here.  In fact, YOU can even effect the ranking.  No kidding.  Just go get a FREE copy here (doesn’t matter if you have a Kindle or not – Amazon has its own built-in Kindle reader on their website):

If you get a free copy, and you friends get a free copy right now, it will effect the ranking of the book – go try it and tell your buds to get a copy too.  The ranking is all about total downloads in how much time.  IF you have a ton of downloads in just an hour, then it makes the book rocket up in the rankings.  (did you get a copy yet?)

If YOU want your book to rocket up in the rankings, all you have to do is… (drumroll please)… mail your own or someone else’s email list.  And the coolest thing is that you are just offering the people on the list a free book.  Not a bad deal for them – plus it helps your book ranking.  You can even BUY a mailing from a solo email provider or use a service that will email an ad to their list.

That’ll get your book ranking soaring like NOW!  But then what?

Facebook Pay-per-Click

I used pay per click ads on Facebook.  So far I have had 109 clicks this week and I would bet about 30% or 30 of those clicks resulted in a book “sale” (even though it was free).  I revealed in an earlier post the sneaky Facebook Targeting trick that made those clicks cheaper than dirt.

I did several searches on Facebook and found and joined about 12 book seller groups.  Some of these were targeted specifically to Kindle books, others were authors supporting authors – stuff like that.  When the book went free on Monday, I posted in those groups that it was free and asked for support.  The peeps in these groups know the game.

Free Book Sites

I found several sites that will list (advertise) your Kindle book but only while it is on its FREE days.  A lot of these sites want money ($5 to $10), many are free.  I paid a few and I listed on the free sites.  I did several of each.  I found many sites that only list 1 book a month and it’s their choice.  I also found sites that needed several weeks notice so they could review your book before they would advertise it.  Then there were the sites that required 5, 10, or even 20 positive feedbacks on your book.  How a new book could have this – legitimately from buyers – I have no idea.

I could see giving out a bunch of copies before my book went live and then asking them to post a review.  I just wouldn’t consider those “legitimate” buyer reviews.

The last thing I did was get in touch with family members and ask them to post the book on their Facebook wall and let their friends know its me and that it’s free.

#1 Ain’t TOO bad…

Results so far have been encouraging (#1 ain’t too bad).  Although test #2 was more of an effort, it still was not what I would call a MASSIVE effort.  It wasn’t half-assed either.  It was sort of in between the two.

But look:  With a mediocre effort, I got a Kindle book to #1 in REAL ESTATE.  To me?  That’s what I call “hacking” Kindle.

Stay tuned for the grand finale!   The next effort will be massive.  The goal is to get into the TOP 1o0 of ALL Kindle books.  Not just in a certain category.

Do you want to help?  If you do, I can send you an advance review copy of my new book, “27 Food Hacks”.  All you have to do is give it a read and then post an honest review of it (yep – it just went live on Amazon).  Here’s a short link:

Just post me a message here at the bottom of this post saying you’d like a review copy, include your email addy in this format: you AT (use AT instead of @ – it keeps spammers away) and I will send one your way.

I DO NOT expect you to leave a high fiving positive review if you are not excited and motivated by my book.  In fact, if you think it sucks?  Just say so – I can take it.

Test #3 is going to be MASSIVE.

Stay tuned!

And get a copy of my book 🙂


p.s.  By the way – if you create training courses or other types of products that you sell online, you can quickly create a book from those to sell on Amazon’s Kindle.  Just organize your content so that it makes sense to the reader and then hop over to and have someone format it for the Kindle platform.  Simple.