Creepy Facebook stuff

You decide – I am only going to tell you what happened to me.

I”m the reporter – remember that.

I set up 10 Facebook advertising ads/campaigns for the same product.  I segregated the ads by sex and age and ended up with about 25 or so ads/campaigns.

All of those ads were approved and they went live.

Next:  I started another campaign.  Then – another one.

The second set of ads all got disapproved.  They got disapproved for 3 different reasons after three submissions and 3 revisions.  I finally got it that this was not a product I could advertise.  Simple.  Why not just say it?

I am running 10 FB ad campaigns right now and want to let you know how its going.

So far – I spent $26 and have made zero dollars.

Wooo Hoooo!  Yeah – you dont have to tell me,  It sucks to lose.

But – I will let you know when I hit a lick – stay tuned.


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