here’s what my dad said

and honestly?  I didn’t believe him at all.


But I think I speaketh too fast – hang on a sec…


My dad is 80.  And these days?  Let’s just say that he can’t

remember what we were just talking about or whether or

not he had breakfast today.


Thanksgiving Day for example – he decided that he wanted something

unusual for Thanksgiving dinner.  Guess what it was?


Oyster Dressing


Now – I’ve known this fella all of my life and I have to admit:

this was the first time I had EVER heard those two words put





of course there was some story about his childhood and of course

we could just go ask his mother to verify everything.  Right…


The point of all of this mumjummary?


Sometimes, your most authoritative source is full of sh!t and you

need to be on the lookout for it.


That training?  I gave it only to people willing to pay me $197 – and I

recorded every bit of it.

Check it out:


You will thank me later,






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