lines like this kill me

you have got to know the lines I’m talking about – most of them you see on flakebook

“If you don’t reply, I’m unfriending you”

“All Republicans kill people”

“All Democrats kill people”


Every day, day after day it’s the same thing over and over.  Seems like most would tire of it quickly… but they don’t.

Today there are the same 3 peeps that post BS and sometimes its just hard to read – especially before coffee.  I should probably just unfriend them.  (but then what would I b!tch about?)

Which brings me right around to today’s topic:  News or Noise

I actually value some of the stuff I see in online chat forums and social networks.  It tells me how the crowds are thinking.

It gives great hints at what the individuals are thinking too.

But to really get to understand individuals I think you have to get to know them individually.  i really don’t think there’s a shortcut for that.

Here’s a manual I put together that helps you understand the group part and sort of get into the individual relationship part, too.

Enjoy it and profit from it.



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