live or memorex?

I don’t know if you paid attention or not about a week ago when I started talking about live video on Flushbook.


There’s now 2 or 4 products on how to do it and how to set it up.

But here’s the deal:  you never know if it’s actually “live” or recorded and then broadcast “live”.

So – is it FB Live!  Or is it just another place to show and store video?

I’m sorry to say but as of right now – I think it will just turn into a higher ranked form of video.  There’s nothing that really makes it “live” other than when you are streaming it – which doesn’t make it live.

You could’ve recorded it 5 years ago.

But to get the higher rankings and more views?  Do it Live every time from now on.


Now, my fuzzy friendly reader, you can go write a nice ebook titled, “How to Get your Video Ranked Higher”.

Product creation is so easy.

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