My new Opinion of WordPress, Themes, and Plugins

Today I am gonna do the “big reveal” and let you in on a couple of things that I’ve been working on.  Since I have returned from the JVZoo event in Orlando, my mind has been spinning with all of the ideas I heard.

More on that in a sec…

At the JVZoo event in Orlando, a lot of freaky stuff happened!  Besides getting to meet a lot of my readers in person, I also got to rub shoulders with Mike Filsaime, Jeremy Shoemaker, and Coolio!
The programmers and coders and marketers were simply killer to talk with, bounce ideas off of, and explore areas of crossover where new ideas would work.  It was exciting stuff with ideas flowing like crazy.

Side Note:  Here’s the big reason you go to Live Events:  The Connections you make.  I am now working on deals with 3 different people I met at the event.  Every one of these projects have potential in the $10,000+ range and possibly a LOT more.  Imagine that – spend a few hundred bucks going to an event, and when you leave you are potentially $30,000 or more richer.

Okay – so on to the “big reveal”.

Two things I’ve become newly interested in:  both are WordPress related:  Themes and Plugins.  

I’ve always been a big fan of HTML – but – Here’s my new take on WordPress and WordPress plugins:  put these together and you can do things that would cost a fortune or take a genius to do in HMTL.

WordPress and the thousands of themes and plugins make it possible for YOU to do amazing things all by yourself – and super cheap.

I just invested in 3 different plugins… WP Member Champ, WP Ultimate Page Maker, and WP Magic Countdown Timer.  Sure they cost me over $200 – but – I will make thousands of times that – so to me, under $300 is cheap.  I’m looking at getting the Wishlist plugin, too ($97).

So here’s one of the people I met at the JVZoo event – and a brand new sneaky WP Theme they just released.  Her name is Cindy, she has the most amazing accent, and she has a killer team of programmers.

Here’s me congratulating her on winning an award at the JVZoo event:
This sneaky new theme has some pretty amazing properties.  At first it just looks like a Tumblr copycat site.  But as you go deeper, you see that it is much more. 

It’s called Covert Viral Wizard theme and at first it looks just plain strange – it kind of caught me off guard – but then I started investigating. The way it’s set up makes it possible to begin making real money within minutes of setting the theme up.  The reason it’s possible to get going so fast is because it has a great traffic generation system.  

If you combine this free traffic with the easy monitization, you’ll make money.  Pretty simple.  

Check out the Video  –   Read all about the Covert Viral Wizard theme  – it’s something that could create a nice income stream for you.

NOTICE:  I just noticed that the price on this plugin is set to JUMP in a few hours so go check it out NOW.

On to Plugins…  

I am having a WordPress plugin developed to solve a problem that one of my coaching students has. She has a website in a very small niche that has become an authority site.  I know, I know, “Wow Mike, where’s the problem?”  Well – she is getting over 4,000 unique visitors a month to her blog, but they are all landing on different pages.  

We want them to land on the optin or squeeze page so that she can capture the leads (she has a product that she sells). If she can convert just a small percentage of the total traffic, this site will earn over $1,000 per month – that’s kindof big.  Presently, she is converting about 10% of the people that sign up on her squeeze page so this has real potential.

So while I was at the JVZoo event, I met a WordPress plugin developer who was working on a what’s called a “slider”.  He told me how it worked and what you could do with it.  

While I was listening, I had an idea.  

When he was finished telling me about the slider thing, I asked him 2 questions.  The answer to both was YES.  Now the new plugin is almost ready to be tested!  

What does it do?  It allows you to capture ALL of the traffic to your site, no matter what page the visitor lands on.  As soon as it’s ready to go, we are going to install it on my student’s site and watch the optins and conversions.   I will keep you updated and we might even do something live.  That would be cool wouldn’t it?  Install the plugin and then start clicking refresh on the Clickbank?  

More Soon so stay tuned!



  1. Ha, glad you’ve finally seen the wordpress light (just kidding)…sounds cool, looking forward to it!

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