my problems are bigger

for some reason, I seem to fall into this trap mostly with my wife – I have no idea why

it really doesn’t matter what we are discussing or how we get around to it but somehow – when I want the conversation to stop – I just immediately assume my problems are bigger and obviously much more important…

the atmosphere makes a shift – the air changes – –

and poof

The convo stops – just like that

Powerful, huh?

and as powerful as it may seem, it also makes me look like a dipsh!t.  So if you know anyone that uses this “tactic” (even you), warn them away from it before thier friends stay away.

it doesn’t help that “happy wife, happy life” thing either

What do I do now?

I exaggerate her problems and issues and make them seem bigger.  She likes that.

at least it seems that way to me

this works in business too

Enjoy it and profit from it.


p.s.  having fun yet? buy Mike a beer

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