the big step

when I was in 5th and 6th grade, I lived in Cape Coral, Florida.

NOT a place on the beach – we were on a “canal”

anywho – the 2nd house we lived in was right across the street

from the bay, AND on a canal – and – the bus stopped close

to where I lived.

But sometimes?  I didn’t get off there

about 1.5 miles away was a 7-11 convenience store and the bus

stopped right across the street from it.  I’d get off there.


I’d go inside and get me an Icee (coke and cherry mixed were

the best), and then go scan all the comic books to see what

had come in since yesterday.  I’d finally pick one out, buy it,

and head home with Icee and comic book in hand.

I’d go in with a quarter and come out with a nickel change.


But those days… they’re gone.  It’s a mighty big step from there

to here.

So today – I’m gonna give you a hint.

That big step?  It only SEEMS big.  It’s really a small one.

Here’s the hint:  always have fun

If you are always having a great time, you will always LOVE

what you are doing.  And – that BIG step?

It’ll seem a LOT smaller 🙂


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