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Landing Page or Video Squeeze Page?

In the world of online marketing, an email address is a valuable commodity; couple it with personal information about the consumer, and it is worth its weight in gold! To this end many direct marketers have chosen to create landing pages where consumers might land when they use a search engine for a certain product or bit of information. These landing pages are devoid of the usual links and buttons you would expect to find on a typical homepage.

Instead, in keeping with the purpose of these pages, the stated goals are to obtain the consumer's email address and as much personally identifiable information as she or he can be convinced to part with. To this end, all landing pages look a little different, but there are a few common components:

1. There is always a call for signing up with an email address. Whether this involves entering into a sweepstakes, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting more information about a product or service is immaterial.

2. There is always a chance to offer information. In simplest terms this refers to the notation that identifies a consumer as being over the age of 13, 18 or 21. In more complex terms, the company might ask for an address, a telephone number, or other information which might be reasonable to ask for in case of a sweepstakes. In other cases the consumer may be asked to participate in a short survey that will ferret out some consumer behavior items in return for being entered into a drawing. Other times a downloadable coupon for a desired product may be obtained.

3. No links, button, or copious text crowd the page and detract the consumer from the stated goal of leaving some information.

With the advent of the video squeeze page, the technology that has thus far encouraged consumers to part with information has taken a step up. While in the past the idea of entering such information was a take it or leave it proposition that might have caused some consumers to leave a site just as quickly as they landed, the use of video squeeze pages has added an element of persuasion.

Everyone enjoys a video and this is the opportunity for the company to put a sincere face on its request for the desired information. Considering that in education it has long since been known that some learn with the help of the printed word while others will prefer the spoken word, this is a foray into the realm educators have utilized for decades: reaching consumers that might not respond to the online display ad will be more likely to respond to the video taped request.

When it comes to landing page versus video squeeze page, it is anyone's guess who will win out. The new technology is a great tool for adding a significant amount of power to the marketing punch, but in the same vein it is a problem when you consider that some consumers have slow Internet connections or surf the 'Net with the volume turned off.

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