what happens when the secret gets out

at first – nothing happens… no noise, no uh oh, no wow.

its the quiet before the storm

Does it matter what the secret is?


It could be that you started smoking again or that you got toasted at the local restaurant – and whatever it is – you want to hide it or cover it up.

But eventually – the secret gets out.

the noise thats coming starts out as a low rumble.  After that – it just gets louder until you fess up.

Even I, oh noble one, have had to go through this ordeal a couple of times.

So what does this have to do with bidnezzz?


If you want the low rumble to disappear before it really starts, all you have to do is disclose early and fast.

If something is messed up – tell everyone as soon as you know about it.  Then, either fix it or offer something to make up for it.

But do nothing and the rumble just gets louder and louder.

Problems go away quicker and easier if you confront them as soon as they appear.

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