Why New People Fail

posted by Mike Carraway

I’ve been doing this internet marketing thing since 1996 – about 3 years after Al Gore invented the internet.

One thing that I’ve seen is that there are a few different kinds of people that get into this IM thing and want to give it a try.

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  • Type #1:  The Analyzer
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    The Analyzer


This is the type of person that is absolutely paralyzed when it comes to doing anything – anything at all.  Why?  They are afraid that they will invest time and/or money into something that “might not” work.  So they keep buying things and asking questions.  The one thing they never do is SOMETHING.  And doing something, anything, is better than doing nothing.

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  • Type #2:  The “half-asser”


This type of person finds a great method or idea and jumps right in.  He or she gets going on the correct path…and then…something happens.  They either find another path they want to try or they get bored.  The end result is that they try something and sort of “half ass” it.  They never fully

Doing things half assed won't make you money

The Half Asser

complete the steps or they take shortcuts and both of these lead to ineffective results.  This type of person eventually gets disgusted and discouraged and gets out of the game entirely.  The rational is that they have wasted tons of time and money and have “nothing to show for it”.  I beg to differ…  What they have to show for it is that doing things half assed never works and they have proven it to themselves.

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  • Type #3:  The DOer


This person makes it and succeeds.  They have the ability to focus on one thing until it is fully completed.  They are able to carry an idea through to it’s completion.  While the different methods they try may not all yield results, at least they have fully implemented the method and learned it.  The DOer will eventually succeed.


So – what to do?

taking action and doing things makes money

The DOer

It’s really a lot simpler than it seems.  If you are an analyzer type – STOP thinking and talking about stuff and DO SOMETHING.  The only thing that counts is what you DO – not what you say or think.

Buy a hosting account and a domain name and install wordpress.  Start writing posts about what you did today, and what you did yesterday, and what you are going to do tomorrow.  Don’t worry about graphics or your design or your layout.  Just start TYPING and POSTING your story.

Once you get comfortable with posting and writing, try a product review.  Just take any product you have purchased and tell us about it.  Tell us what you thought, what you did, and how it worked for you.

When you get up every morning, or, before you go to bed at night, POST what you did that day.  This isn’t brain scieence or rocket surgery – it’s easy.  BUT – YOU have to do it.  No one else can tell your story.

Now that you are a DOer, go get my goal getting guide – it’s free.  It will really make you focus and think about what it is you really want to accomplish.

You can get my goal getting guide HERE.

Be a DOer.